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And She Says Gold - Released 2011 (European version)

Enbound patch with embroidered logo


A fabric patch with the Enbound logo. Pimp your stuff with black and gold!


Price: 30 SEK (About $4)


Enbound patch Enbound patch

- Enbound T-Shirt -

Show everyone that you are now forever Enbound!


Sorry, they're all outta stock.

- Promo CD -

Four tracks of awesome hard rock:
1. Under A Spell
2. Running Free
3. Death Is Dawning
4. Noiseless Bullet

Recorded 2007
Released 2008

Enbound Rocking T-shirt

Price: 50 SEK
(About $7,50 USD)

Enbound Promo CD

Price: 50 SEK
(About $7,50 USD)


Promo CD


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